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This book received in May 2010 the Grand Prix of the Book awarded by the Society of the Best Workers of France.

This book presents the work and technique of the decorative painter. The methods used resemble those used in the Fine Arts by the painter, but the goal remains essentially decorative. Thus, the decorative painter is not an artist, but a craftsman making beautiful. It is this craft and its techniques that Michel Nadaï invites us to discover.
Decorative painting often uses imitation: false marble and faux wood cover the walls, and the muralist painter must be in his own way a virtuoso so that the spectator can distinguish a walnut bramble of a mahogany, a yellow marble of Siena A sarrancolin.

The author begins with a brief historical overview which shows him the broad creative and aesthetic possibilities of decorative painting. He then approached the technique of imitation of materials, whether it be marbles, wood, semi-precious stones or shells. For each material, a step-by-step describes the tools used and details the modalities of execution: it generally starts with a dyeing, then large masses are put in place and then the surface details before proceeding with the reglaçage.
The art of trompe-l’oeil is then examined through the study of shadow and light, false molding and style ornament. Then, the panoramic wall decoration is approached thanks to the perspective, the composition of the image, its values ​​and contrasts, the choice of colors. All these techniques make it possible to give a sensation of space and depth to a spectator who is in front of a flat surface.
Many examples of the author’s achievements illustrate his point.

The basics: documentation, tools, painting, glaze, decor protection, hygiene and safety.
Imitation materials: marble decors, wood decorations, semi-precious stones, tortoiseshell. Step by step
From volume to space: trompe-l’œil (shadows and light, nets and moldings), paths and perspective, panoramic decor (frame of decoration, composition, values ​​and contrasts, harmony of colors.

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peintres muralistes apprentis ou professionnels confirmés, amoureux du décor peint voulant se documenter sur le métier et sa technique. Le lecteur intéressé par l’étude du marbre proprement dit se tournera vers les ouvrages de Jacques Dubarry de Lassale, Identification des marbres et Utilisation des marbres.

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