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The beauty of material in itself has been little studied and analyzed. Why is a material beautiful or even exceptional? What are the qualities that make it unique to us?
The bias in this journey of the universe of craftsmen of luxury, architecture and decoration is that of modernity. The creators of today are part of a new generation that, without denying the origins and the tradition of their trades, deviates without nostalgia and with optimism. The genre is renewed and marked by new ways.
The object of this book is to make dream, to inspire and to suggest new cravings.
An exceptional material is at the crossroads of several paths: nobility of an authentic material, know-how of the craftsman who will implement it, an expert and demanding look of an architect, designer or decorator who will use it . To the natural beauty, to the pleasure of the rarity, to the plastic harmony or even graphic of a material is added the gesture, the tradition and the experience of the artisan who works under the visionary vision of the designer.
An exceptional material is not necessarily rare or precious, but it has plastic properties (color, shape, design, reaction to light, texture) and often tactile that come out of the ordinary. Some of these qualities flatter not only the eye and the finger, but also the spirit, whether it is its price, elegance and refinement, an exceptional character, A certain purity, a feeling of luxury.
Numerous illustrations are the main attraction of the book: whether it is wood, glass, metal, textiles, mineral or animal matter, the superb close-up photographs make better understand and appreciate materials to cut you the breath.

Introduction: Exceptional materials. The aesthetic qualities of the materials.
Luxury and exceptional materials. Portrait of the contemporary craftsman. The concept of artistic imperfection.
Wood Inspirations
Inspirations Glass
Inspirations Metal
Animal Inspirations
Inspirations Mineral
Inspirations Textile

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