French Chimneys


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This book presents more than 100 old French fireplaces, from the Gothic period to the first half of the 20th century.
Since the dawn of time, the chimney has always been the central element of the room around which everything is articulated. Synonymous with warmth and comfort, the man has improved, adorned, up-to-date, sculpted, decorated in the fashion of time, painted, molded, embellished. From this ancient aspiration, always renewed and yet fashioned by tradition, a variety of styles and forms were born. These styles (Louis XV or Directoire for example) are well known when applied to furniture, but they are illustrated here in the art of the fireplace, whether stone, wood, terracotta, marble or Of cast iron.
The author is aware of his subject since he exercises the profession of antique dealer specialized in architectural elements, having taken over from his father some twenty years ago. It opens the door of its archives by presenting characteristic chimneys, abundantly described and photographed. The period pieces are the majority, but those of the nineteenth century, which became a specialty of pastiches of the previous styles, are not forgotten. All testify to the researches made by the architects, ornemanists, stone cutters and sculptors to sublimate the decor of the chimney. A chapter is devoted to the explanation of the styles applied to the chimneys, with a precise vocabulary specialized. The work is centered on the French chimneys, although some foreign pieces are also presented to better show the specificity of the national styles.

From origins to the present: the evolution of the fireplace in France
The Gothic style (7 examples of chimneys)
The Renaissance style (12 examples)
The Louis XIII style (7 examples)
The Louis XIV style (17 examples)
The Regency style (11 examples)
The Louis XV style (27 examples)
The Louis XVI style (24 examples)
The Directory style (2 examples)
The Empire style (3 examples)
Restoration style (2 examples)
Art Nouveau (2 examples)
Art Deco (1 example)

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