Wood Identification – Aesthetics & Specific characteristics


Esthétique et singularités



The reader is invited to a journey to the heart of the wood, both technical (the book wants to help the knowledge of the woods and the recognition of more than 400 species) and especially poetic thanks to its hundreds of magnificent photographs.
The authors begin with a few botanical pages: one understands how the tree grows and grows, its relationship with light, the cycle of sap, one discovers the structure of the wood seen with the naked eye or microscope. These data serve to better understand the wood and especially its aesthetics: the influence of veins and mesh, colors, knots, wavy, ribboned, moire, dappled, draped, heated, guitars, brambles, magnifiers , Pimples or bushes are explained and illustrated.
There are over 800 large-format photographs of 420 local, American or tropical species, country woods, timber or garden trees. When it was possible, the woods on back, on quarter and standing were presented. The photographs are life-size, except for the standing wood where they were enlarged four times. For each species, the beauty of the veining has been privileged: one can thus admire numerous samples, brawny, wavy or heated.
A trip to the heart of the tree that reveals all the poetry of the wood.
Thanks to his magnificent photographs, this book is able to seduce the man of the street sensitive to wood visual poetry, amateur or professional (decorator, carpenter, cabinet maker, antique dealer, etc.) in search of a Iconographic documentation on the different species. Readers who would like more technical information on each species will be interested in the books 72 wood species, or Wood species and varieties which presents 120, or Softwoods, softwoods for professionals.

First part: Knowledge of wood: the tree, the cycle of the sap, from the leaf to the wood, travel from the bark to the heart of the trunk, the observation plans of the wood structure, Aesthetics of the woods, the singularities of the woods.
Part 2: Identity and aesthetics of the woods: preamble, gymnosperms, ginkgo, conifers, angiosperms, dicotyledons, monocotyledons. Alphabetical order list.

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Esthétique et singularités