Wood Panelling in Carnavalet Museum




It was at the end of the nineteenth century, when the creation of new woodworks became scarce, that interest in the old woodworks began. Born in the Middle Ages, they owe their success to their excellent qualities of thermal and sound insulation, but also to the possibility that they offer in decoration that the eighteenth century will carry to the highest degree. The Carnavalet Museum has become one of the highlights of the French paneling since it presents dozens of rooms covered with paneling recovered in Parisian private mansions.

The author begins with a brief biographical reminder of the evolution of public interest in old woodwork. He then clarified his subject through the definition of woodwork, paneling. It specifies the role of the architect, the carpenter, the sculptor, the painter and the gilder thanks to the numerous documents they have left us: technical works, preparatory studies, quotes, sketches and moving drawings on the walls which have Sometimes kept under the woodwork. He then retraces the history and evolution of woodwork in France from the early Middle Ages to the nineteenth century through the Renaissance and the classical period. He took the opportunity to present the different elements of a French woodwork and its evolution: plinth, base panels, picture railing, large panels, entablature and cornice are rhythmically vertically through openings and glazing or pilasters.
Since its inception in 1865, the Carnavalet Museum has been concerned with saving remarkable woodwork from the 17th and 18th centuries, which has been promised to be demolished: it redeems them, raises them in the rooms of the rue de Sévigné, studies them, restores them to their original splendor And thus preserves them. The author describes them in their historical and technical context, presents the results of the research carried out (genesis of works, period documents, reassembly works), illustrated by numerous photographs which show us general views and details .
It is thus to an exceptional visit of the Carnavalet Museum that this book invites us, guided by the one who was the Conservative for almost twenty years.

The Art of Woodwork in France
The decor of woodwork
The history of woodwork in France
Birth of a craze
Woodworks of the hotel Colbert de Villacerf
Original carvings of the hotel Carnavalet
Cabinet of the hotel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau
Woodwork from the Hotel de Broglie
Two rooms of the Hotel Brûlart de Sillery
Woodworks from the hotel Stuart d’Aubigny
Woodworks of the room Liesville
Woodwork from a hotel in rue du Regard
Woodwork from a hotel in the Rue de Fleurus
Wood paneling from Lebas de Courmont
A Chinese cabinet
Woodwork from a hotel in the rue de Grenelle
Woodwork of the Military Café
The company lounge of the hotel of Uzès
The boudoir, the rotunda, the small and the large lounge of the hotel de Breteuil
Woodworks of the castle of Conflans

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